Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sabina Doubek

Sabina Doubek is a Velarian currently serving as the second-in-command on SSD 32.


Sabina grew up on a small colony on Crast, sister planet to Vela. Growing up, her mother taught her to be very goal oriented. Sabina found an interest in martial arts and weaponry at an early age and worked her way into the United Alliance, first serving in Security in various assignments.  She then transferred to SSD 32 when she was assigned as the major weapons officer on Assault Squad 13.

An injury (see Ethics vs. Duty) to her spinal cord left her unable to continue on that career path. She was subsequently promoted to the position of General Tain's assistant and second-in-command of SSD 32.

Physical Characteristics:

Sabina is a dark-skinned humanoid with slight reptilian characteristics.  As is standard with Velarians, her body seems a little elongated compared to humans.  She also sports a ridge of scales along her forehead and nose. She has long, thick black hair and striking green eyes.


Sabina is often blunt and crass.  She holds people at arms length though not through any emotional issues; it is simply how she is.  She's highly stubborn, too, and often insists she's right, even if proven wrong. She has little tolerance for nonsense and is generally critical of others. Though she is considered a mostly negative person, she is a quick thinker and loyal.

See Barrier: The Purpose of Pain for a story featuring Sabina Doubek. Visit this link to find this title and more.

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