Friday, January 25, 2013

Zhoven Spiridon

Zhoven Spiridon is a Roen currently serving as minor weapons officer on Assault Squad 13 on SSD 32.


Zhoven is pretty secretive when it comes to his past. If he has family, he doesn't talk about them. All that is known about him is his service record. He pushed himself through the UA academy with a focus on security and weapons and was stationed at a border patrol station for a couple of years before being transferred to SSD 32 when the cease fire ended.

Physical Characteristics:

For a Roen, he is average in height, which is comparable to the height of Human males. His eyes are a striking shade of mauve and his hair, a very pale yellow, is fine down, as typical of full-blooded Roens. He is young, in his early 20s in Earth years. He carries a muscular build, as a result of hours of weapons and security training.


Zhoven is a very quiet individual, and though he becomes good friends with squadmate Alex Ashler, he is not taken in by Alex's attempts to "corrupt" him.

Zhoven's hobby outside of his work in weapons is that he loves space racing and enjoys "souping up" vehicles for races. He enters amateur racing competitions often and even holds a couple of titles.

To read about Zhoven's introduction into Barrier, see Barrier: The Purpose of Pain. Find this title and more by clicking here.

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