Tuesday, January 3, 2012



The Roens are a humanoid race. They resemble Humans but there are a few key differences. Eye and hair color is of a broader variety and their hair consists of fine down, which reveals some avian characteristics in their lineage.

One attribute they possess is that their visual ability is a bit different than a Human's. Roens are able to see temperature differentials and certain wavelengths that Humans typically cannot see.


Roen is very similar to Earth, in composition, environment, history, political structure, etc. Roen was thrown into the war between the UA and the Xarle when the United Alliance got wind of a pending attack on the non-space faring planet. The UA provided support to Roen and as a result, the Xarle decided not to pursue the attack. Millions of Roen lives were saved as a result. Roen became integrated into the UA soon after.

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