Barrier is an online exclusive, science fiction short story series by author Pamela Caves. (See www.PamelaCaves.com to discover more work by Pamela Caves.)

The first story of the Barrier series, Ethics vs. Duty was released in early 2012 by Fiction Lake Publishing and is available on Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and more. For a list of Barrier stories in chronological order, see this link.


May 10, 2046

A day that lives in infamy.

Lives lost: 6.3 million

It was the day when Humans found out for certain that they weren't alone in the Universe.

The Xarle Empire's main objective is to obtain worlds for the purpose of occupation and the stripping of its natural resources. Often referred to by the United Alliance as the Snarls, this group considers genocide as a necessary step in preserving their ideals and culture.

Earth wasn't at all prepared for the heavy battle fought on that day. If it wasn't for the intervention of the United Alliance, who fought alongside Humans to protect the planet, Earth might have been a total loss.

As rebuilding and healing began for Humans, Earth became integrated into the United Alliance. The UA is a military organization comprised of several planets whose mission is to defend itself and ultimately crumble the Xarle Empire.

Current Earth Year 2113

Special Services Division 32

SSD 32 is located alongside the city of Claymore (population approximately 5,000). The city and the base is housed inside a large asteroid (also known as a dwarf planet) within the asteroid belt of uninhabited system K4352. K4352 is less than 10 light years from the Xarle border.

SSD 32 employs a large number of military and civilian personnel. It is the home base for 15 Assault Squads, 7 members to each squad, who are ready for duty at any given moment.

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