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Special Services Division 32 Personnel

General Devin Tain - Observer/Human - Commander

Major Sabina Doubek - Velarian - Second-in-Command

Warrant Officer 3 Sky Legend - Human - Control Chief

Warrant Officer 4 Austin Legend - Human - Security Chief

Captain (Dr.) Vere - Chetatan - Medical Chief

Specialist Seventh Class Melina Patterson - Human - Science Chief

Lenya McKay - Human - Personal Assistant to Control Chief

Assault Squad 13

Captain Warlin Ziar - Antican - Captain

First Lieutenant Alisha Whitewater - Human - Second in command and pilot/navigator

Second Lieutenant Mattin Lin - Observer -  Sciences
Master Sergeant Rasa - Decanite - Major Weapons

Corporal Zhoven Spiridon - Roen - Minor Weapons

Sergeant Triana Kreeler - Human/Roen - Engineer

Staff Sergeant Alex Ashler - Human - Communications