Thursday, January 5, 2012

Triana Kreeler

Triana Kreeler is a half Human, half Roen hybrid, currently serving as Engineer on Assault Squad 13 on SSD 32.


Her mother is in sales in a company that markets personal interstellar vehicles on Roen. Her father is a visual media producer on Earth. Triana did a lot of back and forth travel between Roen and Earth growing up as her parents were never really together or married. Triana says they were great parents and great friends with each other, though. She always felt loved and well treated by both but she never really felt at home on either planet.

Her source of sanity growing up, she says, can be attributed to her best friend, Alex Ashler, who also serves on Assault Squad 13 on SSD 32 as the communications officer.

She joined the UA military once out of college and was accepted into the military's technical division after her academy training. While she's done well with her career thus far, the way to gain rank and notability, she knew, was to serve on the front so she took combat training and was placed on SSD 32.

Physical Characteristics

Triana is average height and weight. Her most notable features are her brown hair (typical of Humans) and purple eye color (typical of Roens), which gets her noticed (often negatively) when she spends time on either planet.


Triana describes herself as socially inept and not much for provocation or directness. Although her job often demands she perform with an amount of crass, she finds confrontation unsettling to the point she often becomes physically ill. While she may be just a competent officer, she's a genius at what she does. She's often unaware of her own brilliance in her field.

See the first Barrier title, Ethics vs. Duty for a story featuring Triana Kreeler. Visit this link to find this title and more.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012



The Roens are a humanoid race. They resemble Humans but there are a few key differences. Eye and hair color is of a broader variety and their hair consists of fine down, which reveals some avian characteristics in their lineage.

One attribute they possess is that their visual ability is a bit different than a Human's. Roens are able to see temperature differentials and certain wavelengths that Humans typically cannot see.


Roen is very similar to Earth, in composition, environment, history, political structure, etc. Roen was thrown into the war between the UA and the Xarle when the United Alliance got wind of a pending attack on the non-space faring planet. The UA provided support to Roen and as a result, the Xarle decided not to pursue the attack. Millions of Roen lives were saved as a result. Roen became integrated into the UA soon after.