Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sky Legend

Sky Legend is currently serving as the chief control officer on SSD 32.


Sky Monroe was educated outside of the United Alliance but decided to join upon her graduation. She held posts in engineering since, moving quickly up the ranks to eventually reach the head of Control on Special Service Division base 32.

While stationed on the battle cruiser, Telgin, as the assistant engineer only a few short years before her posting on SSD 32, she met Austin Legend, a security officer aboard the ship. The two started dating and eventually married. Soon after, they both applied for positions on SSD 32 and were accepted. Within two years, they found out they were expecting twins. Sky gave birth to Killian and Hollis Legend within the story, "Supersede", book 3 of the Barrier series.

Physical Characteristics

Sky is an average to tall human with an athletic build. She has long, straight blonde hair.


Though generally soft spoken and kind hearted, she is an assertive woman who manages with no-nonsense. At times, she seems to have a short fuse but keeps it under control fairly well.

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