Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lenya McKay

Teenager Lenya McKay is a Human currently holding a civilian position on SSD 32. She is Chief Sky Legend's personal assistant.


Lenya has not had the easiest of lives. At sixteen, she lost both of her parents to the Snarls. (See "The Purpose of Pain", Book 2 of the Barrier series). She was granted independence so long as she continues her education, holds a job, and pays her bills.

Physical Characteristics

Lenya is young with an average build, if not a little on the thin side, and light-brown hair bordering on blonde. She tends to be a little awkward both physically and emotionally which is not "untypical" for a human of her age.


Lenya is a stubborn young woman but still approaches the world with a bit of caution which makes her seem a little stand-offish at times. She has a hard crush on Corporal Zhoven Spiridon of Assault Squad 13.

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